Affiliate Disclosure

L.K.Valentine Design is supported, in part, by affiliate commissions through some of the products I recommend on this site.

I only recommend products that I personally endorse – you best believe I put my reputation behind my recommendations.

I only earn a commission if you click on the affiliate link and purchase from the suggested service provider.

Here are the services you’ll find recommended throughout my site:


  • Bluehost (
  • HostGator Cloud (
  • Siteground (
  • WPEngine (


How does this benefit you?

A big reason is to avoid banner and paid ads.

I want to honor your experience on my site by omitting pop-ups, ads, etc. I want my site to feel refreshingly thoughtful and for you to be in charge of the content you want to consume.

To offer my expertise in the industry to you.

You’ll see my number of affiliate partnerships is very small. I truly only suggest the products that I use myself and that I would also recommend to a friend.


Will this cost you more money?

Absolutely not.

Everyone benefits in this situation.

  • The service provider benefits by getting a client recommendation from me.
  • I benefit through a commission on any sales. 
  • You benefit by leveraging over a decade of experience in the field and only using a provider that I would use myself – at no extra cost. 



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