Mike’s project was on a tight timeline and he needed his site FAST. We discussed the bones of the project and he let me have the reigns from there. Clients who trust my industry expertise and who like my aesthetic get the best results. 

The fast turnaround did not sacrifice quality. Mike’s site fully supports his movement from the imagery, to the typography, right down to the textures.

Effective Web Design is the artful combination of imagery, graphics, typography and language.

Home pages must be built for a first-time viewer in mind.  Viewers want to know one thing when they land on your site – does this site have what I’m looking for? Your website carries the burden of conveying what you do as quickly as possible to answer that question for them. 

This is initially done with imagery. 

Unconsciously your viewer is gathering info from all visual elements. From the content of your images, to the character of your typography, to the mood of your color scheme, to the textures of your page, to your logo and badges. All of these elements work together to convey a message.  

Between the name and the inital site imagery it’s easy to guess that Mike’s site is about having a contingency plan as an American.

What I love about this site is it nails the first impression – the visual elements deliver the essential information so quickly and elegantly so the message can be soaked in at a glance. 

The muted color scheme is very masculine with high contrast to really direct the eye to the most critical pieces of information. The strong imagery quickly yields to the bright red section where highly targeted messaging reassures his audience of one of their primary arguments.

The red section is subtly pointed at the bottom to draw the line of sight down the page to visuals that highlight the three main points of the site (prepare, mobilize, defend) which are supported by a gritty texture contrasting starkly against a city streetmap background. All of these work together to appeal to and relate to the kind of audience this site is looking to attract.  


Mike needed to use his blog in a very specific and unusual way. He needed to present a constant stream of news and information that was easy to navigate and digestible across several regions of America in a format that was easy to understand for new visitors. 

To do this I implemented a two-fold strategy.

I structured his categories and back end organization very specifically in a way that posts could be published quickly, but with a simple process that would make navigation fluid and easy to digest on the front end.

To further support the front end, I featured a map to help viewers find the regions they wanted information on that were color coded so information could be processed faster visually without having to sift through copy. I also created a filtering menu to help quickly filter the posts relevent to their region. 

are you ready?


Don’t waste another year on design that isn’t serving your business.