Establishing a compelling visual story is one of the most effective ways to establish interest in your business online. If you take your business’s image seriously, so will your prospects. 

As Tammy broadened her product line and opened a brick + mortar store, she realized the importance of nailing down her branding first. She wanted her branding to say clean, lux, and medical without feeling sterile. Combining these unique parameters was a fun challenge!


Design must be supported by consciously crafted marketing language. Getting clear on the goals of your site and the actions you want your viewers to take is critical for effective web design. 

Home pages must be built for a first-time viewer in mind. The tagline on the homepage says immediately what Tammy’s site is about. So many websites drop the ball here, and the consequence is that viewers leave. Fast.

Typography is an overwhelmingly overlooked design element. The fonts used on this site read professional and premium. 

But typography is only part of the picture. This typography combo and white background would have felt cold and sterile by itself, but adding the greenery to the product image and the crisp lines of the palm frond breathe life into the design and turn the ‘cold’ feeling into a ‘fresh + clean’ feeling.

The lines of the palm frond also direct the eye down the page leading the viewer to take in more information. Their eyes are directed to badges that convey quality and security. Because this home page is so image-based, these feelings are conveyed in milliseconds to the viewer, establishing instant credibility.


Logo design is complex because a logo is asked to convey a great deal of information in as simple an image as possible. More than that, a logo has to pull its weight in several different formats, from online branding to marketing collateral to social media profiles. Make sure your logo is designed with the attention and intention it deserves.  

It was important to Tammy to convey her medical expertise and still feel approachable as a brand. The all-caps serif font reads similar to a medical journal while the clean plant graphic hints at her product line. All of the elements together feel clean and intentional and convey the premium quality of Tammy’s product line. 


Excellent web design will carry viewers to your shop, will your shop images close the deal? When selling products online all a viewer has to go off when making a purchase is your product listing. If your product image is lackluster, with no pride in your product line, your shopper will be less-inclined to make it to checkout. 

Getting product labels that were consistent with her branding was important to Tammy. And getting digital renders for her online store brought her marketplace online and expanded her reach as a business.

are you ready?


Don’t waste another year on design that isn’t serving your business. 

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