Do you need a little breathing room?

Nature Counsels is a 6-week live and online course for women who could use a healing, playful break from the overwhelm of 2020 and tools to cope with daily stresses. 


Does this sound like you? 

Are you a busy woman who is…


✔    Burned out from all the massive changes related to COVID-19

✔    Overwhelmed taking care of the needs of your family.

✔    Completely stressed out, anxious, and exhausted.


Do you want to be more proactive with your health but it just doesn’t fit into your already jammed schedule? 

Don’t you think it’s time to do something about that? 


If so, you’re in exactly the right place. 

In 6 weeks you’ll learn:


✔    5 key methods to rest and relax your nervous system.

✔    10 exercises to boost your immune system and balance your hormones. 

✔    10 simple strategies to access the relaxing benefits of being in nature, without leaving home. 

✔    5 creative ways to renew your energy even when other people are around. 

Still not sure? Keep reading!


Imagine feeling deeply satisfied with your life.

This course will guide you to…


✔    Dedicate a weekly/daily time slot to take care of yourself.

✔    Have more physical, mental, and emotional energy.

✔    Sleep more soundly.

✔    Manage stress more effectively, as it comes up.

✔    Strengthen your immune response.

✔    Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and excited for the day.

✔    Connect to your inner-voice and trust in, and act on, what it’s telling you.

✔    Connect with a community of women who understand your struggle.

✔    Stop procrastinating and start creating what brings joy and fulfillment to your life!


When’s the last time you were the priority?

If you know you need to make more room for yourself but you’ve never really made that happen, now’s your chance!  

A digital retreat for women struggling to break free from a life heavy with stress, worry, and overwhelm.


Only $355

$35/hour for 10 hours of live classes

 I normally charge $555 for a 5-week group-coaching program, but considering the financial challenges many are facing during these COVID-19 times I’ve taken $200 off. I want you to get the love, support, creativity, and healing tools that you could use during the pandemic, and for years to come! 


Bring a friend and you’ll both receive a $20 Amazon gift card

you’ll also receive:

✔    The Nature Counsels PDF Booklet

✔    A weekly elemental playlist

✔    A weekly elemental guided meditation

✔    Access to our private FB group

✔    Weekly Action Steps to help apply your learnings

If, after completing the course and participating in all group sessions, you don’t feel there was any value added to your life, I offer a two week money-back guarantee.

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